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Escape Fantasy

One day I will live in a shabby chic downtown Paris or Charleston pink villa with walls of exposed brick and vintage flea market furniture, and chandeliers in every room. The walls will be lined with bookshelves displaying my favorite books.   The only responsibility I will have is to show up for my waitressing gig in the heart of the eclectic city where I will meet wonderful artists and vagrants.

We will smoke cigarettes together and drink cheap wine.  I will have crazy romantic sex with dark handsome strangers who play the guitar for me on my balcony. (there are no diseases or repercussions because remember this is my fantasy).

I can see myself with the open villa window overlooking the busy street, the curtains blowing, my candles burning, and acoustic and wordly music playing.  I will learn French and Italian deep into the night whether it be through tapes playing while I sleep or European men whispering the words to me in bed. 

The men will be on the side and just for fun.  They will be loved deeply and forgotten quickly.

My girlfriends and I will be fabulous. We will buy scarves and boas and fancy clothes that are eclectic and fun.  In the mornings we will meditate and drink coffee and dream of possibilities.  We will indulge in chocolate and martinis and we will be writers and artists ourselves.  We will create our art on the balcony by moonlight with nothing but out dreams and visions of enchantment.

We will live simply, but be most deliciously complicated.  This is my escape fantasy.

What's yours? Write about it,

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