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The Power of
A Purposeful Community

We are designing an intentional pro-aging culture, bringing women together to discover, explore, comfort, belong, teach, learn, solve problems, take on challenges, rebel, collaborate, grieve, and celebrate the aging journey of midlife and beyond.

  • Connections will be made.

  • Relationships will be built.

  • Quests will be undertaken.

  • Challenges will be overcome.

  • Opportunities will be seized.

  • Women will be transformed.

Ready to step into your power and
live a Bloomified life?

This is for you if:

You fricking love the idea of a magical midlife community!

You're ready to let go of "what was" and start focusing on "what could be."

You want sweet liberation from outdated anti-aging constrictions.

You're seeking peace and power with the inevitable changes of getting older.

You're a rebel and refuse to comply with cultural aging expectations.


You want to play a starring role in your aging story!

You're down for some inspiration to take with you on this aging journey.

You're committed to growth and getting intentional about redesigning your life.

You're ready for expansion, to take up space, and step into your power.

You're eager to flourish, shine, glow, sparkle, and BLOOM into your greatest potential!

A truly magical membership

Premier Bloomified Community Access

Limited Enrollment

Be part of our online community and dive into your personal midlife growth 

Pink Tulips

Get access to live zoom calls & exclusive content


Get everything plus premium perks at our Camp Bloomified location


Join a vibrant online community focused on creative well-being and empowerment. Perfect for those seeking connection, inspiration, and personal growth.




  • The Bloomified online community 

  • Monthly book club meetings

  • Monthly magic activities designed to spark creativity and self-reflection


  • Community Connection: Engage with like-minded individuals who share your interests and goals.

  • Personal Growth: Participate in activities and discussions that promote personal development and creativity.

  • Inspiration: Regular book club meetings and magic activities provide continuous sources of inspiration and motivation.


Experience the full Bloomified online community experience with enhanced interaction and exclusive content. Ideal for those who want deeper engagement and more frequent touchpoints.


  • Everything in the Access Membership

  • Access to attend 2 live Zoom meetings per month with the Bloomified Community members 

  • Full access to the benefits of the community


  • Enhanced Engagement: Live Zoom meetings allow for real-time interaction, fostering deeper connections and immediate feedback.

  • Comprehensive Access: Full platform access ensures you don’t miss out on any content, activities, or discussions.

  • Interactive Learning: Participate in live sessions that provide additional learning opportunities and support.




Month-to-month membership


  • Ideal if you want to dip your toes into the community

  • Cancel anytime


Save $36

by signing up for 3 months!

  • Ideal for those who are committed to personal growth & human connection

(must sign up through web browser or desktop)



The ultimate Bloomified experience, combining the best of online and in-person interactions. Perfect for those seeking exclusive access, special events, and premium perks.



  • All benefits of the Bloomified Access & Community Membership

  • Two in-person events per month

  • 15% discount on additional workshops

  • 10-15% discount on all products

  • 20% discount on space rentals for private events


  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy the best of both worlds with comprehensive online engagement and unique in-person experiences.

  • Significant Savings: Discounts on workshops, products, and space rentals add substantial value to your membership.

  • Premium Experiences: In-person events offer hands-on activities, networking opportunities, and a deeper connection with the community.

  • Flexibility: VIP members can rent space for private events at a discounted rate, providing more opportunities to utilize Bloomified's inspiring environment.


What You Can Expect Inside
the Bloomified Community

A Magical Midlife Revolution!

Online learning and community building optimized for depth, connection, inspiration, affirmation, and creativity

A personal toolkit to help you engage with your inner wisdom

Journal prompts designed for reflection and self-discovery

Bi-monthly live zooms, welcoming you into a safe space to tend to our spirits and share insights and revelations together (Community & VIP memberships only)

Creative exercises to help you reconnect with your vitality

Resources including books, music, podcasts, articles, poetry, and quotes for inspired aging

A dedicated book club, exploring the attitudes and habits conducive to creating a meaningful and vibrant midlife

A space for becoming who you always knew you could be

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