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Bloomified is a magical midlife revolution for pro-aging renegades!

Our mission is to change the narrative, celebrate aging, and embrace the midlife transition as a sacred path of transformation. 

We're building a community to support and inspire women in midlife and beyond to find magic and meaning in this powerful “coming of age” transition. 


Midlife can be your most powerful chance to bloom!

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Unlock your Power,

Embrace your Journey and

Bloom Into your Greatest Potential 

Welcome to Bloomified—a transformative journey designed specifically for women over 40 who are navigating the complexities of midlife changes and seeking empowerment, connection, and renewal.

Bloomified is more than just a community—it's a sanctuary where you can shed the weight of societal expectations, embrace your true self, and flourish in the company of like-minded women who understand and support your journey.

Led by seasoned experts and thought leaders, Bloomified offers a holistic approach to wellness, confidence-building, and personal growth. Through engaging workshops, insightful discussions, and nurturing community support, you'll rediscover your inner strength, reclaim your confidence, and emerge as the vibrant, empowered woman you were always meant to be.


You experience joint pain, anxiety, brain fog, and possible existential crisis.

You experience a sense of grief with loss of youth and self.

You have some insecurities with the physical and emotional changes that come with the aging process.

Something feels like it's slipping away.

You feel stuck and uninspired.

You're asking yourself, “If not now, when?”

You're struck by a new awareness of your mortality.

You find yourself holding on to who you used to be because you're uncertain about who you're becoming.

You're not alone.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of
self-discovery, transformation and sisterhood?

Join us in the Bloomified community and let's bloom together.



I’m a writer, artist, teacher, and guide with ​a passion for embracing life's transitions, nurturing creativity, and designing a purposeful life.

Rooted in connection and self-discovery, my current work as a pro-aging renegade and digital creator is to inspire and empower women in midlife to rewrite the script and star in their stories at any and every age! 


With a Bachelor's Degree in Education tucked under my belt and the vibrant spirit of a Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, I explore the worlds of learning and empowerment, grounded in courage and introspection. You might also stumble upon my musings in Bella Grace Magazine, where I love to share little nuggets of meaning and magic.

I am thrilled to share my passions in support of inspiring women in midlife to show up, take up space, step into their power, and


What Bloomified Members are Saying

Expect Miracles


You'll see the challenges of midlife as a sacred path of transformation while making yourself comfortable in the “space between” using tender and fierce self-compassion.


Discover your inner wisdom and potential for spiritual growth as you move from ego and expand into consciousness and soul.


Self-doubt will evaporate as you take back the narrative, celebrate growing older, and  proactively re-design who you were meant to be all along. 

Feeling called to Bloomify?
  • When can I join Bloomified?
    Bloomified memberships are available to join at any time! We have both monthly and quarterly access, depending on how committed you are to your journey. Check out our memberships page to find out more.
  • What kind of time commitment does this involve?
    You can dive into our community at your own pace and convenience. There are 2 live events each month that you can attend, but it's not required. There are weekly self-discovery activities that you can do on your own, or if that's not your thing, that's ok! Skip them. Participation on the platform is encouraged to build connections but that can be done on your schedule. The benefit of this structure is that you can participate as much or as little as you'd like. The Inspiration Studio live events with guest speakers will be recorded so you will always have access to view and participate at your own leisure.
  • Am I "midlife and beyond" years old?
    What defines "midlife" is somewhat arbitrary, but this community is designed for women ages 40 and up.
  • Do I need to be tech savvy to participate in this community?
    You will need to have familiarity with navigating a social media platform, as well as online Zoom meetings. I will be here to help with the process!
  • What if I can't make all the live sessions?
    No worries! Every meeting will be recorded so if you can't make a LIVE session, its recording will be available in our classroom within 24 hours. With that said, live sessions are the opportunity for discussion and engagement which relies heavily on group participation. *Live sessions are only available to Community & VIP members*
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?
    We are unable to accept any cancellations once the membership plans have been purchased. You can cancel at anytime and that will ensure there is no further charge. All sales are final and non-refundable.

More from Bloomified Members

Kristy drexel.jpeg

Bloomified has helped me realize that I am not going crazy and even more important, I don’t need to take this journey alone. Andrea created a wonderful environment filled with amazing material that clarified the aging experience and inspired me to embrace it. Each member was able to share and have their voice heard, bringing about feelings of togetherness and opportunities to discover a different perspective. Bloomified is truly a celebration of midlife!

Kristy K

IMG_0046 Large.jpeg
Bloomified came into my life at a point of transition. I treasured the opportunity to take time for self reflection as I worked through the weekly material (journaling, music, videos, and articles). Andrea created meaningful content which was useful, interesting, and inspiring. Bloomified gave me a chance to go inward and celebrate where I am in life as a 51 year old woman. I also loved our weekly bloom zooms as a safe space to share thoughts, ideas and feelings with like minded women. I want more!

Abby A

Ready To


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